Bio's of Performers and Guest Artists



Flying Haggis Show Band
This talented group of volunteers (along with ESHDW) have been the Scottish Pavilion's main stage show for many years. Some of the members have changed through the years, but a few consistent folks have remained. The Ena Sutton Highland Dancers of Winnipeg (ESHDW)enasutsmall.jpg (1889 bytes)
This dance troupe was formed by the late Ena Sutton in 1965 to foster an awareness and appreciation for Scottish heritage through the medium of dance. Since that time, the group has established a choreographic style that incorporates traditional highland dance steps with modern techniques. The Ena Sutton Dancers can be seen annually at the Scottish Pavilion performing in the Main Stage Show during Folklorama. During the remainder of the year, they perform at social functions throughout Manitoba. In 1994, the group entertained at Disney World in Orlando, Florida and in 1999 they performed at the Pan Am Games Opening Ceremony. In 2007 they traveled to Trujillo, Peru for the Festival Internacional de Danza Folkloricas de Group Universitarios (International Folklore Dance Festival) from August 22 to 27. The Ena Sutton Highland Dancers were chosen to represent Scotland as a group directly from Scotland was not available for such a large trip.

The Manitoba Highland Dancers' Associationmhdasmall.jpg (2694 bytes)
Founded in 1947, the Manitoba Highland Dancers' Association's goals have changed little through the years -- the preservation of Scottish heritage through traditional dance. As well, the organization works to instill a sense of good sportsmanship, respect and friendship among its members. The MHDA hosts five dance competitions through the year and is available for "dance outs" at various functions throughout the province. The Association currently (2012) has 110 dancing members.

Guest Artists

The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, Winnipeg Branchn Glasgow in 1923, Jean Milligan and Ysobel Stewart formed the Scottish Country Dance Society in order to collect, revive and promote the traditional dances. The Society was granted a Royal Charter by His Royal Highness King George VI in 1952, and today there are branches world-wide. The Winnipeg Branch of RSCDS began in 1959. RSCDS participates in many events, including Scottish Heritage Day and the Pavilion of Scotland during Folklorama.